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The know-how and entrepreneurship of our employees, and their ability to engage in teamwork and safety are key factors to their success and the success of the company. We commit to build up a culture and organisation that favours the development of such distinctive talents. This means:

  • Making health and safety our first value and an integral part of our operational excellence.
  • Offering a paticipative and supportive culture where people act out of convictions and where daily interaction is founded on trust, effective teamwork, information and good practice sharing.
  • Focusing on our activities, clarifying roles and rules, and simplifying our organisations and processes to be more efficient.
  • Giving our people challenging responsibilities where their business sense, together with speed and quality of action, are key to achieving results. 
  • Developing talents and potential through training, coaching, feedback and recognition.
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The measure of our success will be the reduction of the number of injuries in our operations and the satisfaction of the people working for MONIER.